Night Care

Perfect Call Care’s services are rendered both day and nights, understands that you or your loved one might need assistance during the night too, therefore we have a trained professional that will stay with you in the house through the Continue reading

Complex Care

We recognise that living with a long-term condition or illness can be highly challenging, you or your loved one may not be able to effectively live independently. Most people become worried that they might end up moving to a residential Continue reading


With our high quality dementia home care service, clients have the best option to be cared for within the familiarity of their home.  Our tailored in-home service revolves around our clients and what is in their best interest.

Transportation for our staff

We offer transportation to all staff, therefore guaranteeing you that all our members are most likely to be on time for work.

Impromptu Service

Our dedicated logistics team can work on a short notice basis, ensuring a quick response to impromptu staff requests.

24/7 Service

Perfect Call Recruitment LTD operates on all day everyday. All our customers can be sure to reach us at any time of the day.