Perfect Call Healthcare, offers person centered care at the highest standard and professionalism – Our clients are first.

From our rigorous training and observation, to our recruitment and selection process, PCC encapsulates the best interest of each client. All our employees are healthcare professionals who are well trained and equipped to undertake multiple tasks and to deliver outstanding services at all times.

Our services are flexible and can be adapted to your changing needs and priorities. We appreciate the unique qualities of each service user, and therefore view our clients as individuals. We are here to listen, and we welcome any feedback you may have. Our aim is to respect your rights, values and differences, whilst at the same time thriving to deliver a high quality service at your convenience.

Our care team has significant experience supporting vulnerable adults with complex care needs, which includes: Alzheimer’s dementia, Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis. The empathy and sensitivity of our care team extends a naturally to supporting both clients and their families throughout the length and final chapter of their loved ones lives. We endeavour to work in close liaison with local hospices, NHS continuing Care, GP’s, Marie Curie and other Health Care professionals to ensure the client’s best interests and wishes are appropriately met as much as is possible.



Complex Care

We recognise that living with a long-term condition or illness can be highly challenging, you or your loved one may not be able to effectively live independently. Most people become worried that they might end up moving to a residential or a care home as the condition progresses. However, Perfect Call Healthcare commits to providing you with suitable healthcare professionals trained to meet your complex care requirements, supporting and enabling you to live in your own home.

We provide care for individuals with a variety of needs ranging from;

  • Complex Care-Adults
  • Home Ventilatory and Respiratory Support
  • Acquired Brain and Spinal injury, Rehabilitation
  • Learning and Physical Disabilities Support
  • Palliative Care

Perfect Call Healthcare Ltd will create a detailed person-centred care plan that will identify all your care needs and outline the support required to effectively deliver the right care for you or your loved one. Our regular assessments and review of the care plan will assist us in ensuring that we adapt to you ever changing needs.

Complex care service is suited for individuals who:

  • Are being discharged from a higher level of care and are faced with a long recovery process.
  • Have complex care needs and are dependent on life-sustaining technology e.g. ventilators
  • Are being discharged from hospital and have significant specialised nursing and clinical needs requiring continual monitoring.
  • Have physical or learning disabilities requiring long-term support at home

Please contact Perfect Call Healthcare Ltd at 02393430011 for further details or for a no obligation free assessment to your home. This service can be cost effective, a favourable alternative to moving into a Care Home.