Night Care

Perfect Call Care’s services are rendered both day and nights, understands that you or your loved one might need assistance during the night too, therefore we have a trained professional that will stay with you in the house through the night to support you with needs as required.

We have two types of night care services which we provide and these are Waking Nights and Sleep over Care.


Waking Nights Sleep Over
A waking night service is designed to meet a service user who does not sleep through the night, needs continual attention and cannot be left alone, Overnight care is a common request at Perfect Call Care. A night carer will be required to stay awake throughout the night to assist you. Sleepover service is when a Care Professional will require a bed and a quiet place to sleep at your house. They will be on duty through the night and will wake up to assist you, should you require it up to three times. A night carer will wake up immediately if they hear any stirring in the house and can be woken anytime during their shift with a bell or can be called by the client for assistance

Benefits of Having a Night Carer

  1. Retain independence and dignity that may not be matched when staying in a care home
  2. Peace of mind for you and your family knowing someone will be there to assist
  3. Supports with toilet breaks, mobilising to the bathroom or assistance with medication
  4. Elderly patient and dementia specialist at anytime
  5. Use (ad-hoc) after a hospital stay for reassuring presence or in case an illness reoccurs

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